poisoned youth

hi friends. I'm just a sad girl who someone made the mistake of giving a laptop to
✿youngblood. skeleton clique. huge nerd. I love bands, books, dr. who, sherlock, all the marvel, hp, atla, firefly, my chem, lotr, nerdy movie franchises and you✿

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I have to let up on tumblr. I will keep a queue going, but i might not be on every day anymore. I’m not going away. I’m just temporarily taking it off mobile

Me:then fucking act like it


nothing is more embarrassing than accidentally taking a photo with the flash turned on at a concert

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So apparently feminism is a hate movement. I’m sorry I don’t remember any feminists going on any shooting sprees because they were rejected by men or sending death and rape threats to bloggers. 

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Simply suggest my chest and this confused music, it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

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I’ve been kind of fascinated by portraits of European ladies for a while after making that Elsa picture, so somehow I ended up painting two more members of the Disney monarchy, barely resembling their original selves. I did a bit more research for these, though I’m far more satisfied with the plainer (and later drawn) Belle one than Ariel.

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Guess who’s back


back again


Pumpkin’s back


Tell a friend


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introverts:  give their teacher an apple

extroverts:  smash the classroom walls in, break the clock, don’t salute the flag

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all i want in life is to look hot when i laugh

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